Make $1,000 per month with sexy adult blogs in 2018-2019

Make $1,000 per month with sexy adult blogs in 2017


This is a guest post by Andrew, Affiliate manager at the Pinvert network. While we usually don’t cover anything adult related on Stream SEO, I can’t deny a lot of SEOs focus in this industry because it’s huge and there’s a lot of money to be made of. People have asked me in the past if I work with adult sites, and while I don’t, I have friends working in that niche. If you’re interested, here’s a great guide to get started!

We’re in 2017 and the adult industry has grown a lot since the beginning of the internet. In 2010, 12% of the website on the internet were pornographic, 35% of all the downloads contained pornographic material and 25% of all search engine request were pornography related. This was 7 years ago and the industry doesn’t sleep –it evolves.

Day by day, new adult websites are launched and the industry is growing more and more. Does that make it saturated? Absolutely not. Actually, there’s plenty of space left until this industry can be called saturated. And who knows if it will become saturated? There are a lot of clothes brands and we see new ones every year. Why? Because it’s better to enter in an industry where you know there are plenty of clients then to enter in a limited business. What I’m trying to say is: It’s better to have YouTube than your own cinema.

So, have you ever thought about creating your own adult website but you thought the industry was saturated already? It is time to think again. In this tutorial I will try to focus on the most important things you need to consider when you’re creating  your adult website and how can you grow a website like this to bring $x,xxx per month in less than one year.

Have I done this before? No. Do I know how to do it? Yes. Why I don’t do it? Because I’m a Manager working for Advertising Network and my job is to help adult webmasters earn more from their current traffic.

How much money do you need to start your first adult website? Under $100.

To be successful with it? Depends on your budget and how much will you work on it. Don’t expect to have success overnight – because no one can make miracles. Even if it’s an adult website or a non-adult one, it still takes time or money to grow it. So be patient and work smart.

Domain, hosting, niche and platform

The first step in creating your first adult website is choosing the type of it (tube, blog, directory, forum, etc.) and the domain name. There’s a lot of work with any of these types or websites – so pick one you like and go with it. I personally would start with a tube website as right now people are more interested in video content.

Now there are two ways you can go: start with a general tube website with all the categories or choose a niche one. I’d personally recommend you to start with a single niche and get a properly domain name. By properly domain name I don’t mean a free one – those are not recommended as it’s harder to grow in Google using a free domain name. Now let’s say you’ve choose the Girlfriend niche, think of a good domain name that could easily help you grow in google. As an example I’ll choose (which is also available to buy).  Now using the google AdWords planner, we can search to see the volume of searches per month for my keywords. The total searches for my keyword are between 100k – 1M which means this niche has potential.

Sexy adult Blogs - Keywords

Could we however find a more searched one? Let’s give it a shot. Let’s say we want to go on the massage niche and we find the domain domain free, how many searches do we have for our domain keywords? According to Google, between 1M -10M monthly searches.

Sexy adult Blogs - Niche keyword

What does this mean? It means that the second niche would be better to start with – as the number of people looking for that niche is bigger and you would get a lot of visitor once you hit the Google’s first page. We have a domain, a niche and a type of website (tube). What platforms should we choose now? Well, you’re in luck because WordPress have a few plugins which might help you creating your first adult website with WordPress. I personally recommend the plugin – as this one helps you a lot with the automation of your website. The downside of this script is the one time price of $99 – but it would save you a lot of precious time.

One last but important thing for this part is finding a good hosting company. Not all the companies will accept an adult website so you need to find a reliable hosting. There are plenty on the internet, you just need to do a simple google search or to ask in the right places.

The cost until now should be between $10 and $110 + hosting on a monthly bases. Keep in mind that this is a long term investment – not something which will make you rich overnight.

Creating an adult website the right way

Here it comes to the legal part of creating an adult website. First you need to make sure that your countries accept creating an adult website – you can find info about this on Wikipedia here: . Now, you need to find an established adult website and inspect their footer – usually all the adult websites has the legal part in their footer. I’ve choose to check this out. As you can see there, there are 4 big aspects that you need to have in order to be legal. The terms & conditions which basically are the rules regarding their activities, where they specify that they cannot be charged in court if the material on their website affected you in any way. Next is the Privacy Policy where they specify the rules regarding the data they collect from your activity on their website. Mostly, this is the page where they assure you your information won’t be sold to 3rd parties for marketing or anything else and instead will be use to improve your data experience. Then, there’s the 18 USC 2257 statement, which is one the laws that allows pornography in USA, as far as I know. Lastly, there’s the DMCA takedown form, where a user might request the removal of a video if he has ownership for it, it implies him in any way or someone he may know. All of these are mandatory if you want Google to take you serious and index your site properly. I do not recommend to copy and paste these from an established website but to modify it according to what type of website do you have.

 SEO for adult websites

In my experience, there are 3 important factors in building a website: Quality, Content and the Design. Now assuming that you have the design knowledge or you will hire someone to do this, we will focus on the SEO. Now, we all know what does SEO means and for what is useful – it brings you visitors from search engines for free – if you do it properly, of course!

  • Keyword stuffing – you might think this is great idea because visitors can find you for multiple keywords – wrong. Actually, Google can give you a penalty for keyword stuffing in the long term – so keep you keywords niche based.
  • Getting no-follow links – you probably think this is a waste of time, but actually the do-follow/no-follow ratio should be close to 1, otherwise you website might look unnatural. So, a good ratio between do-follow links and no-follows links could help your website grow maybe even more than a 90% do-follow one.
  • Link building – If we compare the opportunities for a normal website to create backlinks and an adult one, you will say that the adult website has a limited range of websites where they can create backlinks – which is true. That’s the reason why I’m recommending to create smart backlinks in places that matters instead of focusing on all of them and spamming the forums. You should devote one hour per day to create backlinks, not to do thousands in a day.
  • Original Content is the key – Yes, I know you’ve probably heard it a lot – but it’s the truth. Even if you copy a movie from another website, you should upload it with a custom title and a custom description wrote by you. Be sure not to make grammar mistakes.
  • Check your competitors – Really! In terms of SEO, this one of the best advice anyone can give: spy on your competitors because your visitors are there and it’s for your benefit to bring some from him to your website. Use web services that will allow you to see where did he created backlinks, can you do it the same? Perfect. Now, you don’t want to copy him – but to be the best on that niche. So, be smarter than him – See what he did and do it better.
  • Check regularly about SEO – Google change their algorithms once at three months, so be sure to keep in touch with SEO and follow everything that Google recommend you to do. Having a site that that follows the Google guidelines is the first key to succeed in this industry.

Traffic & Tricks

Now you have a website that follows every guidelines that Google has but still you don’t have a lot of traffic. So, you need to advertise your website with a few tricks in order to grow your number of visitors daily. I’m going to create a list of tips and tricks to get traffic for your website which have been recommended by various sources and webmasters.

  1. Get Social

  • Reddit – one of the things that makes Reddit special is that you can post in different Subreddits according to the niche that you’re in. Let’s say you want to promote your video in the Busty niche, you do a search on Reddit for the keyword ‘’busty’’ and you find multiple Subreddits where you can submit a video from your website (Be sure you respect the rules ). Do this daily and you’ll get free traffic for your niche.
  • Tumblr – I’ve heard a lot of people who managed to create some adult Tumblr blogs using a software in order to grow the followers. I don’t think that’s a good method so I recommend you to do it manually daily. In about a month or more you should have an active list of followers here and also, some free traffic for your website.
  • Twitter – Same thing as for Tumblr, there are a lot of software that follow people automatically so they can follow you back. It’s up to you if you want to do it manually or automatically. Twitter can also bring you some free adult traffic too, and you can also watermark a photo with your website.
  • and other pin submit websites – On this type of websites you can either submit the same photos from Tumblr in order to increase your followers or you can link directly to your website. It’s recommended to link directly only when the picture submitted is with a porn actress already known and with a link out to your website. Sites like these can send you a boost of traffic also, especially if you submit quality content to it.
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – Don’t try to advertise adult here, it’s extremely hard and you may get your account blocked one day.
  1. The porn re-uploading method

This method was a black-hat technique used by multiple webmasters to drive traffic to a CPA offer and making a lot of money. People started using it in 2015 and the method is working even in 2017, however the results aren’t the same. This method takes a little bit of time but the results are proven to work. We won’t deliver the people to a CPA offer but to a real website where they can find videos they love – so the method is not black-hat anymore. So, what’s with this method?

Firstly, you need to find a known adult website that allows you to upload porn videos. The list here is huge: PornHub, xVideos, xHamster,YouPorn, etc. Then you need to upload there a video with no copyright or watermark on it, mostly videos with cam girls or something similar. When you upload it, you need to put a title for it and afterwards the link to your website. Example: Blonde girl on girl on

Sexy adult Blogs - Uload videos

That’s it! It’s this simple. Upload it to multiple websites and wait for visitors to visit your website. Do this regularly and don’t upload more than 5-10 videos per day/per website.

  1. Submit to adult directories, forums, etc.

There are a lot of adult directories where visitors come to find new places to watch adult movies. If you search this on Google, you can find more than 20 directories like this. This won’t bring you a lot of traffic, but these are good for your link building technique. Here’s a little trick that worked for a friend of mine. He looked on an adult directory to find a bug or a dead link then reported to the adult directory webmaster the issue. The webmaster thanks him and offered him the first spot in the ‘Tube websites’ category for 24h. In those 24h, he got more than 500 visitors to his website from him. You can also try to do this, maybe it will work for you too.

Sexy adult Blogs - Adult Directories

The forums are another place where you can advertise your website, however be sure not to spam it too much. A signature with your website and being active on that forum should be enough to bring you some visitors daily. You may also create a thread in the ‘Site review’ category, if the forum has one.

  1. The Pornstar ask & reply method

It’s mandatory for your website to have a pornstar category. Why? It will increase your number of visitors. So, how does this work? Firstly, you need to upload more than 5-10 videos with the same pornstar. I recommend you to check PornHub regularly and see what are the most viewed porn stars, the trending ones and the newest ones. Create a page on your website for each and upload 5-10 videos.

Sexy adult Blogs - Pornstar QA

Now, you must also find a gif of that pornstar. Afterwards, create two accounts on and With one, you should post the GIF and with the other one you should answer it using the name and a link to the category on your website. Therefore, if somebody else would be interested in the same pornstar – you’ve gained a happy visitor.

Don’t spam too much with this method, focus on adding value to with it. One good backlinks worth more than 1000 bad ones. If the visitor is happy, he will return

  1. The link exchange method

Here’s a method that all the industry knows – and probably so do you. The link exchange method consist of a ‘Friends list’ or ‘Partners list’ on your website where you should put the websites you’re exchanging the links with. Be sure that he has one too in order to do this. The only thing you must do here is speak with the webmaster of a website in your niche and convince him that if would be for the benefit for both of you if you would exchange links – he will get some visitors from you and you will get some from him. Make sure both links are do-follow ones.

There you go, with this methods you traffic will start to grow. The social method would create you a list of followers that will visit your site almost daily – within three months of work you should receive at least 1,000 visitors per day from this. With the Porn Upload method the sky is the limit – here it depends on the quality of the videos that you uploaded and how many visitors checked your link – usually after three months of 5-10 videos uploaded per day – you should get more than 2000 visitors daily, but these visitors grow by the number of the videos uploaded. The other 3 methods should bring you a 500-1000 per day after a certain period of time. Now you have around 5000 visitors per day and also google indexed your website so for some certain keywords, your website would be on the first page. Check those keywords and see their monthly volume and find new ones that have volume and you can get on the first page on.

Beside these methods, there is another method which may increase your number of visitors – however it require a budget that you need to invest daily/ weekly. Firstly, you must choose a budget – how much are you ready to spend daily to advertise your website. There are multiple ways to do it and also more networks that are more than happy to help you with it.

  • Plugrush – They have a traffic trade program, which means for every user you send to them, they will send one back. It’s a cool way to start gaining new visitors, however they don’t mention the geo’s from where the users are coming so you might send them more value than you will receive – however, it’s a good way to increase the traffic.
  • – As I said before, I work for Pinvert. Our main benefits is that we’re just at the beginning and you can buy traffic cheaper than in other places. You can start with $0.4 CPM, which means you will receive 1000 impressions to your website for $0.40. And yes, you can buy traffic starting from $0.4 even for countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. The minimum prepayment is $50 via Paxum/ PayPal or Bitcoin wallet and the campaigns can either be self-served or managed, I can handle them for you to increase your performance.
  • Bitterstrawberry – A mobile only adult advertising network which works mostly on CPA/CPL/CPS – however, they could take CPM campaigns – but only on mobile. Also, you can create a landing page where a user would need to submit his email and create a list for email marketing on adult so you can promote your adult website with it.

Following this tutorial, you could grow an adult website to 50k-100k visitors per day, which can get you between $500 to $3000.You must remember that at all times you must follow the Google guidelines and also that these methods and tricks takes time. Don’t expect to be the new PornHub overnight because it won’t happen. It can even get you more than three months, depending on how much time you dedicate to your website daily.

Extra Information – Get traffic from Pinvert

If you’re a beginner in advertising like I was – you’d probably want to start advertising in an affordable place where the support would help you configure your campaign properly in order to receive the best results from the start. Here at Pinvert, this is what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to help both publishers and advertisers increase their earnings while working with us, and also delivering the payments on time and being a company that you could rely on. As I’ve said, my name is Andrew and I work as a Publisher Manager for – where my main duty is to help publishers increase their earnings and find advertisers for your traffic. If you want to monetize your website with us or just have a chat with me you can find me on skype at live: andrew.pinvert.

Now I’ll explain a few things about buying & selling traffic to and also a few other places that will help you with learning more about the adult industry and how can you build your own website.

Sexy adult Blogs - Pinvert Network

Buying traffic from was made extremely simple – more advanced features will be added soon for experienced advertisers though. After accessing our website, you need to go to the ‘Advertisers’ button and scroll down for the ad creation button:

Sexy adult Blogs - Pinvert Signup

Then you will be redirected to a simple form which allows you to create an account on Pinvert and start creating your campaign. We’re also asking for a skype contact in the form, but that’s not mandatory – however the problems are solved faster if the communication is easier.

After this step is done, you will need to create an advertising campaign. If you’ve created more than 1 – you can skip reading this.

Sexy adult Blogs - Pinvert account

There are some fields that you need to complete to start your first advertising campaign, first one is the Campaign Details – here you must write the name of your campaign, the name of the campaign will be seen only by the admin who approves it and you. Second field is the URL where you want the traffic delivered – here it can be your adult website or an adult offer that you’re trying to promote. The third field is the campaign budget, where you need to put total value of your advertising campaign. The ‘Price per 1000 impressions’ or ‘CPM Price’ is the amount of money you wish to pay for 1,000 impressions – You can start for as low as $0.40 for 1,000 impressions. Next there’s the number of times a visitor can see your page in 24h. It’s recommended to be between 1 and 4 – more times than 4 can be annoying. Afterwards, you should select the countries you want visitors from and the operating system you want to advertise on. Now you’re set, an admin must approve your campaign and you’ll start receiving traffic to your page.

Sexy adult Blogs - Pinvert Publishers

Working with us as a publisher is way easier than you think, you simply need to create an account and verify you are the owner of your website by placing a txt file on it. Afterwards, the website is submitted for approval and as soon as it gets accepted you will receive an email of confirmation. From this, all you need to do is to place our code on your website and to start doing what you love – working on your website and growing your number of visitors. For the monetization part, we’ve got it covered and we’re working daily to increase your earnings and assure you a stable income out of your traffic.

Extra Resources

Other places that might help you as a future adult webmaster:

  • – One of the best blogs for adult webmasters where the owner explains almost everything he did to grow his websites and created a source of passive income for him.
  • – The biggest forum in the adult industry. Here are a lot of webmasters which made $xxx,xxx if not millions with their adult websites. There are a lot of good educational materials and people that might help you grow your website there.
  • – For more info about the affiliate industry, SEO, Case Studies and Tutorials. The people here are professional, explain things better, and also mostly of the ‘tricks’ here are 100% accepted by Google. It’s not an adult forum, but the quality of it makes it special.
  • – A community of webmasters that posts weekly tricks that they use to grow a website or to earn a few dollars, could be useful as the Porn Re-uploading method appeared here first and then everyone started doing it.

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