How Much Money Do BongaCams Models Make?


How Much You Can Make Performing On BongaCams

If you’re interested in getting started as a BongaCams webcam model, you’re probably wondering what type of earning potential there is. This is an important question with a very complicated answer. We could say “Top models earn over $10,000 per month”, but the truth is; there’s a lot of things impacting potential earnings. And a lot of things that you might not think of. The easy answer is 5 cents per token, which equals out to roughly 50% of the revenue.

As for earning potential? There’s tons of things we need to look at. First we’re going to look at some ways to increase earnings, the different ways to make money on BongaCams and how much it earns, and some of the things that impact profitability in general.

Income Is Performance-Based (More Effort = Bigger Profits)

The most important thing to realize is that everything is performance-based. You get as much out of it as you put in. There’s no guaranteed earnings, but there’s some crazy earning potential. More time on cam, more time spent promoting and more time interacting with regulars and fans will all ultimately lead to better profits.

It’s also important to realize that this is a token-based system. BongaCams performers earn a percentage of the revenue. There’s not an hourly wage or a salary. Some performers make really good money. Some performers aren’t a good match for the industry.


Increasing Your Earnings On BongaCams

BongaCams performers initially start out at 4 cents / token. Upgrading to 5 cents / token is insanely easy and takes minimal effort. Any brand new performer should be able to get to the 5 cents per token on day one. Doing this will upgrade the performer’s earnings by 20%! That’s not small money, and the best thing you can do to make more money on BongaCams.


How To Get Increased Earnings:

  • Upload 3 photos
  • Fill out the “About Me” section
  • Fill out a schedule
  • Complete the wishlist
  • Upload at least one video
  • Set a profile background
  • Set an individual Font
  • Fill out the “What We Do On Webcam” section


How Much The Different Chat Types Pay Out

Private Shows

Private chats cost 30 tokens per minute. This means that if the user spends 10 minutes in your private chat, you will make 10 minutes * 30 tokens = 300 tokens. The private chat closes automatically if the user runs out of tokens. The model or the user may also decide to end the show any time.

Full-Private Shows

Spy Shows

Group Shows

Public Shows


Extra Money Through Referral / Affiliate Programs

BongaCams has a built in referral program for performers and studios. The referral program pays out 25% lifetime revshare for all new customers referred to the site. Performers can also make a 5% revshare off all new performers referred to the site. In addition to the in-house referral program, BongaCash, the official affiliate program, has more promotional tools, different payment options and cool things like a whitelabeled site-builder.

Taking advantage of referral programs opens up a whole new revenue-stream. That is because you’ll get paid on the referrals purchases, even if they’re not spending that money on you! If they’re spending that money on you, it’s like double-dipping on the profits!


Promotion and Building A Customer-Base

BongaCams is a high-traffic site, and you’ll be able to get viewers into your chatroom without having a huge customer-base or doing much outside promotion. You’ll get a lot more people in your chatroom if you’re also doing your own outside promotion and you’ll make a lot more money after you’ve built-up a loyal customer-base.

There’s tons of different ways to promote your camming shows. Social media is a no-brainer. Most people already use social media for their personal stuff. Using it for adult isn’t that much different. The main concern is that a lot of sites aren’t adult-friendly. Twitter and Tumblr are two networks that are adult-friendly, but you still need to indicate the account is adult-related.

To learn more about the different ways to promote your services, check out our marketing section.


Finding The Most Profitable Fetishes and Show Types

Certain fetishes perform better for certain models. Same goes for certain show types. Some performers do better in public chat and some do better with privates. As for fetishes, your most profitable fetish might be something that you haven’t even thought up. There’s tons of fetishes out there. Playing around with different fetishes changes up the shows. It also allows you to experiment and try new things. You might discover a goldmine in the process.


How Much BongaCams Performers Make

Now that we’ve discussed some of the major things impacting profitability on the site, let’s talk earning potential. There are performers making 10’s of thousands monthly on the platform. Those are the top performers though. That being said, it’s not unreasonable to state that it’s possible to earn a solid 4-figures on the platform. It does require putting in the work both on and off camera, however. But if you’re motivated, it’s definitely possible.

Keep in mind that BongaCams is only one site and camming is only one service on the table. There’s tons of different ways to get paid as a performer in the adult-industry, and all these revenue-streams compound on-top of each other. To see what else is possible, you should definitely take some time exploring this site.


More Information On BongaCams

Interested in learning more about BongaCams? You can Register now, or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. BongaCams is one of the leading camming sites with great traffic, pay and features. BongaCams accepts all genders; female, male, transgender, plus couples and groups. BongaCams also offers tons of great features such as chargeback protection and world-class DMCA services.

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