A young and shy 19 years old is caught red handed by her boyfriend !


I do not know if I should tell you this, but I’m really not very good these days. I had a peaceful life, a guy I loved and now I just screwed up my little personal pleasure. But I’m a girl usually shy, stable and tidy. Actually, I think I can not stand alcohol! But why do I invited these two nasty guys with me? I knew it was for my ass they were so nice to me! I fell into the trap as a kid. This is pathetic! I have acknowledged that the two guys had anything to do with his dick. This is perhaps not the biggest I’ve seen but certainly the one that gave me the most good. The worst part of it all is that my boyfriend took flag doing somersaults in the living room. The worst part about it is that it seems to have already been healed and made as if none of it had happened … Arfff but what a story, this pretty shy should have known that lugging his two new friends home, she took a risk. And what about the guy who left before his girlfriend fatigue rather gun in the hands of his two lads. Despite his shyness, he should have known something. Bise, Laurie!

Date: November 1, 2018

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